Interactive Tour

A sophisticated exploration of Emerald Club's services.

Roles: Concept, UI, Branding, Design


Business travelers choose National and it’s loyalty program, Emerald Club, for the ability to choose any car on the Emerald Aisle – any size, color, make or model. They’re primarily mobile users that rely on as a place where they can learn about the benefits that they are entitled to for participating in the program.


For National, being accessible on mobile devices was crucial, but the former Emerald Aisle website wasn’t accessible to those users. Additionally, the client needed a solution that explained the process of reserving a vehicle on the Emerald Aisle and a platform to reinforce the value of Emerald Club membership.


The team redesigned the website to create a seamless user experience for all screen sizes. The brand was modernized and strengthened with revisited imagery, icons and copy tone. New functionality was introduced as well, including a brand new interactive tour of the Emerald Aisle, the ability conveniently locate and reserve a vehicle, and easy access to enrollment in Emerald Club.


Breakpoints optimized


Languages supported


Members reached


Targeted experiences