An excercise in data visualization.

Roles: Concept, UI, Branding, Design


Enterprise Plus members appreciate personal recognition at various touch points during their rental process. Providing them with an easy-to-read activity statement helps foster brand loyalty and reinforces the tangible benefits of being a member.


Though the former statement was a valuable tool to the program, it was cumbersome for both the client and mobile users. The client wanted to expand their digital capabilities to reach savvy customer segments with optimized, targeted and customized content.


The team chose to utilize a mobile-first fusion of responsive and adaptive design. Now, users can get an instant read on their point balance and conveniently redeem their earnings. They can view their past activity through digestible visual data and receive relevant messaging associated with their tier level. These solutions, along with new creative features — including subtle patterns, detailed icons and rich lifestyle photography — strengthened the Enterprise Plus brand, and set them up to succeed in an increasingly digital marketplace.


Increase in member engagement


Languages and regions supported


Members reached


Custom themes based on tier